The time I am about to write on these photographs must try to thank artists such as Rembrandt for his chiaroscuro, Turner for his bright ambiances, Nicolas De Stael as much for his colours as for his greys, to be the closest to Willy Ronis’ instantaneousness, Bernd and Hilda Bechers’ precision softened by Man Ray’s and Sigmard Polke’s experiments …

Photo couleur toute bleu Klein, Marseille, plage des catalans, un petit bateau s'en va au loin.
Marseille, plage des catalans.

I need colour !

Since the increasing power of nationalisms, the gloominess of our governments, the crises and trembles of humain thoughts, this new series wants to oppose light and pleasure to the darkness that invades our minds !

It was a yearning, a need to bring back to the front the richness of bright and transient colours.

Ambiance lumineuse, un personnage se tient au loin et regarde songeur la vague dans le brouillard
Grande plage de Dinard

Morning mist

Thickness of the air, subtle differences from white to light touches of colours in a timeless landscape where every part is isolated from the rest.

Lone icon, peaceful and bright.

The misty feelings of these photographs try to raise my questions about our perception of the world now, as well as the complexity of a projection into the future.

Plan large sur la Dune du Pilat, photographie couleur
La Dune du Pilat


I worked with this ambiguous state of feelings and decided to make two interpretations of the same photographs. One in black-and-white and one in colour, bleached colour but colour.

It was a very interesting experience : I understood the reason why I had chosen colour photography from the beginning. The Back and White series is very dramatic and is really drawn by tragedy, it is close to Shakespeare whereas the colour series is very close to Molière, acid, sharp but full of humanity.

My other series

Natural Dreamer

Une grande variété de vert constitue l'ensemble de cette photographie, différents feuillages, differents arbres : peupliers, chênes trufiers, forêt

These photographs are based landscapes from the countryside, structured by the humain hands. Landscapes shaped by plantations of vines, crops, aromatic plants.

The treasures of this market-gardening agriculture are in the interplay between patches of land, springs and rivers, plantations of fruit trees, mulberries and truffle oaks. Here reigns an atmosphere of a nourishing earth, sown and tilled.

In its pictural aspect, ”Natural Dreamer” tries to make the spectator feel the heat coming up from these landscapes. Vertically framed snapshots, shade, grazing lights, catching light and colours as a painting.

Black, Graphic Cabinet

This exhibition was the occasion for me to discover new horizons. As a matter of facts, I had recently worked exclusively on colour, and the subject was now black … Moreover this exhibition was a collective one, showing a majority of drawings and ink works, and I work on photography …

Came to me the idea of the border : what is the difference between a form of expression and an other ? Why this drawing moves me ? Why did I chose photography ?

Geometry of the Seashores

Inspired by the immensity of the surface of salted waters hiding an underworld. Man tries to resist this natural force over time, anchoring fragile buoys and docks.

These photographs play with horizontal and vertical lines, with the horizon : the limits of the sky, the sea and the land; uncatchable parallels becoming tangent when they touch the seashore buildings …

Once, as I was walking round the Pointe du Moulinet, in Dinard, I was struck by the graphic aspect of this place : everything I could look at was a game of contrast and shapes.

Facing the elements

An island beaten up by winds and waves, from Mizen Head, a lighthouse on the south western extremity of Ireland, up to Dog’s Bay on the south coast of Connemara, crossing Cliffs of Moher and the Burrens.

A nice day on the road.
Cliffs of Moher : a deep black rock carved by the waves, high and shining they are magnificent and frightening, when you look at the big pieces of concrete pushed like mere buoys.

Silentful photographs

Photographie en clair-obscur, une jeune fille joue avec quelque chose dans sa main sans faire attention à l'annimation autour d'elle.

This series was my first real one, it is made of different approaches, different subjects, different references which would become my paths for research : landscape, colours, few people, few elements an attempt to concentrate my emotions in the limited surface of a photograph, imagination is the third dimension.

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