Black, graphic cabinet

Blexbolex, Flore Chemin, Camille Corot, Anne-Laure Draisey, Sophie Dutertre, Samuel Guille, Medi Holtrop

Sharon Kivland, Jeannie Lucas, Lucas Ribeyron, Stephanie Schilling, Caroline Sury, Jean-Guy Ubiergo, Felix Valloton, Willem, Y5/P5

Centre d’art Yvon Morin

20 Mai 2021 / 20 Octobre 2021

Exhibition ” Le noir, rencontres graphiques”, 19 artists, 19 different uses of black


This exhibition was the occasion for me to discover new horizons. As a matter of facts, I had recently worked exclusively on colour, and the subject was now black … Moreover this exhibition was a collective one, showing a majority of drawings and ink works, and I work on photography …

Came to me the idea of the border : what is the difference between a form of expression and an other ? Why this drawing moves me ? Why did I chose photography ? What would be the deep intrinsic value of a piece of art ? Why do we call a representation an artwork ?

What would be the aim of art except moving us …
The border is a recurrent subject these days. How could I create with it ?

I just tell you directly : I hate borders, I hate flags, I never managed to take part of the smallest group. All my life, I have been on the brinks, and I often wondered why there were so many partitioning, these ”us” and ”thems”, whereas most people look for the same simple things.

Reenforced by this observation, I knew there was a negotiable border between drawing and photography : the blackness of the ink. Thank you Jeannie !

Working on black

So my work was to make a way out for black in my photographs but keep some place for its opposite : the white in the paper.

Surprisingly, black-and-white photographs are very different from the original coloured ones, even if they were already close to black. Their inner characteristics are not the same, even if the tension and the construction are the same : in this rock we are looking for a starry sky, a labyrinth. A happy way out for our lives and in the other we are drawn by the immense cushy emptiness, we follow the line towards the unknown.

By the time I am writing those lines, I have not yet seen the silk-screen printing made by Frederic. I trust him completely and I know that ink dries quietly astride the two arts of drawing and photography.

Tank you Jean-Pierre for your commitment in this very particular bookshop called Le Regard Moderne. As soon as we get through its door, the disordered backs of books lead us instantly in world of knowledge, pleasures and emotions.

If I hate borders, I adore books …

Exhibition at the bookshop : Un Regard Moderne Paris 6°

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Presented by Craft Galery, Dieulefit, France