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Inspired by the immensity of the surface of salted waters hiding an underworld. Man tries to resist this natural force over time, anchoring fragile buoys and docks.

These photographs play with horizontal and vertical lines, with the horizon : the limits of the sky, the sea and the land; uncatchable parallels becoming tangent when they touch the seashore buildings …

Once, as I was walking round the Pointe du Moulinet, in Dinard, I was struck by the graphic aspect of this place : everything I could look at was a game of contrast and shapes.

No one around me, I could be in a dream …

I remember very well my feelings the first time I went to Ploumanach, next to Perros-Guirec in Britany : the impressive power of rocks as I crept under enormous blocks, it was like an ancestral fear of being buried. I felt it was a kind of baptism.

Since, I sometime shoot photos of rocks which affect me strongly.

When I am creating, I look for an inner balance in myself in which I am almost out of time, at the same time author and spectator, I am careful not to control everything appart from the technical aspects of photography. It is important to me to keep a distance with my work because you must keep in mind that these pictures will be seen completely out of their context and if I am too focused on what I am doing, on what I intend to shoot, the result is often unsatisfactory afterwards. Likewise, I chose my photos for editing in a very instinctive way, I can wait several month before knowing exactly what I wanted to show and how I want to show it. I do very little editing, the less as possible, and I am very rigorous in my choises.

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