Portfolio Morning mist

Thickness of the air, subtle differences from white to light touches of colours in a timeless landscape where every part is isolated from the rest.

Lone icon, peaceful and bright.


A beach, a wood, a boat, a man, a woman, everything gets back to this particular time of a shared moment : the common glance of the photographer and of the spectator.

The misty feelings of these photographs try to raise my questions about our perception of the world now, as well as the complexity of a projection into the future.

This series was shot in an hour and a half, the atmosphere was really enchanting : a very dense mist with some moments a little less high allowing the colours of the water and the sky to pass through it.

My work as a photographer tries to condense emotions, carefully taking out of my frame things that could disrupt our feelings, I am very careful of keeping far enough from daily life.

This series was my first to receive such an enthusiastic appreciation, I was very happy and it boosted my creativity. The iconic photo, called La Grande Virgule, (Like a large Comma), went in collections in Brussels, Hong-Kong but also simply Drome and Britany.

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